Young Steel

Founded in January of 2012 by the fine folks of the Pittsburgh Poetry Collective, Young Steel is dedicated to the spread of youth slam poetry in Pittsburgh. Through our weekly workshops, regular school programs, and city-wide team slam Louder than a Bomb Pittsburgh, we give teenagers both a platform and the skills to use it.

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What is Young Steel and how do I go?

Young Steel is a teen workshop, held every week before the Steel City Slam. Experienced, nationally competitive mentors will give writing prompts, feedback, and critique, helping the youth poets continue their tradition of being dominant presences in the poetry scene.

Young Steel will be every Tuesday from 6-7:30PM at Capri Pizzeria (6001 Penn Ave), before the poetry slam. We’ll be taking holidays off, so check our our events calendar or the Young Steel Facebook for specific dates.

What is Louder Than a Bomb Pittsburgh, and how can I participate?

This year, Young Steel will be hosting Pittsburgh’s first ever youth poetry festival and competition. In Louder than a Bomb Pittsburgh, schools and after school groups will field poetry teams like sports teams, competing with other teens from across the city. LTAB Pittsburgh will give area teenagers the ability to come together and celebrate literacy with peers from diverse socioeconomic and cultural backgrounds.
We are looking for teams now! A team will be made up of 4-6 poets from the school or organization (ages 13-19), and will practice together throughout the school year. If you would like to create a team, either as a poet or a coach, we’re here to help! The LTAB festival will be held in late February or early March 2017.

Do you offer school programs?

We do!


It’s one thing to watch slam poetry on YouTube – it’s another to see it live. We bring experienced, nationally competing slam poets from the Pittsburgh community into local classrooms and assemblies to give immersive performances and workshops. Our poets will bring a full set of age-appropriate poetry, covering standards of the genre as well as performing their own work. They will also lead workshops with your students, helping them create work of their own, and perform it for their classmates.
We have several prepared lesson plans for assemblies and classes of standard lengths, and are more than happy to work out other arrangements, including regular work with after school groups of students.

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